The Blog

I created this blog as a way to spread God’s Word far and wide. Often He teaches me things that I want everyone to know, and when that happens I post them here. The things I post about have been helpful to me, so I hope they will be helpful to you as well. It is my intention that everything I write is rooted solidly in Scripture, rather than just”good feelings” on my part.

Who Writes This Thing?

Howdy! I’m Jenna. I’m a senior at Texas A&M studying youth development. My favorite things in life include nature, cats, big dogs, and making people laugh.

My Story

The summer after I graduated high school, God suddenly became real to me. I was raised in a Christian home and heard all about God and the Bible, but I struggled with my doubt and there was always an underlying current of unbelief. Jesus was a hobby one morning and one evening out of each week. The summer after I graduated high school, I picked up Searching For God Knows What by Don Miller and that’s when the ball dropped. God was my friend. God was with me. God loved me. I’d known these things all along, but now that God was real, they were astounding! He lifted me from the darkness the world offered and put me on a firm foundation, and ever since then I’ve been seeking Him. Life isn’t perfect, and the life of a believer is hard, but as the song says, “Where else can I go?” I’ve walked with people through redemption and heard incredible testimonies and seen firsthand the intensity of God’s power, and I know that this is the only kind of life I want to live. It’s the one I was made for.

It’s the one we were all made for.

About a year ago now I felt the call to youth ministry for the first time. God has confirmed it to me time and time again since then, and now I can’t imagine wanting to do anything else with my life. Teenagers are some of the most underestimated people on the planet, and I’m excited to be one of the people who get to tell them about the glory of God and encourage them toward their potential.

How I Got Into the World of Blogging

When I was 4, I realized I loved writing. I think I remember trying to write before that, before I knew the alphabet, but it was just squiggly lines that made sense to no one but me.

I wrote stories religiously for the next 10 years. Then, sometime around my freshman year of high school, I got burned out. Since then I’ve done a couple of NaNoWriMo’s and I’ve halfheartedly written a couple of pages of novels, but suffice it to say that I’ve put my noveling days on hold.

A few years ago I decided I wanted to start a food blog. I called it “Carefree Vegan” (because I was a vegan at the time. And I considered myself to be a pretty chill person. Creative, I know.), which became a hybrid blog about Jesus AND food around a year later, which eventually became the stunner you have before you today.

Tl;dr. I never stopped loving writing, but my preferred mode evolved quite a bit.

Why I Chose The Name

You’ve probably figured out by now that it’s a reference to Hebrews 4:16:

“Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.”

Because through Jesus the veil between us and God was torn, we can approach God confidently. Jesus is our High Priest who is able to empathize with our every affliction because He walked this earth and was tempted and yet did not sin. Because of the life He lived and the death He died, we can be justified and reconciled to God through our faith in Him. When we put our faith in Him, we move from death to life–literal death and literal life. Our sins condemned us before, and now they do not.

We are reconciled to God. The God of the universe; the One who made me. The One who made you. We can walk in communion with Him. We can have His Spirit living within us, giving us rest and peace and new life every single day.

Simply through our faith.

That changes everything.

It’s for sure worth blogging about.

This is a story of romance and a King relentlessly fighting for His bride, of resurrection from the dead, of a cosmic power struggle, of a family coming together again. I’m sorry if our culture has made you believe that Christianity is boring or that you’re somehow not worthy to be included, because neither of those things is true. You are a vital part of this story. God created you to be.

Thank you for stopping by. I’m hoping and praying that through my posts God speaks to you the way He has to me.