See, I Am Making All Things New

Recommended Reading: Genesis 1:26-3:34, Romans 5:11-17, Revelation 21:1-6 I know there is a lot of recommended reading today, but today I’ll be talking about the entire history of humanity, so I feel like maybe when you think about it that way it’s not that bad. […]

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How to Be Wise

Recommended Reading: James 3:13-18 That title makes me feel a little arrogant–“Sit down, children, and I will teach you all there is to know about wisdom.” Just kidding. I am also a children. As someone who wants to be a spiritual teacher in the near […]

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Feeling Spiritually Timid?

Follow my blog with Bloglovin! Reading: Acts 4:23-31 You’re not alone. My freshman year of college I went on a Spring break mission trip with my church. We were there to evangelize to the students at the University of Central Florida. I only have one […]

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